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Uzbek Lagman with beef

11.00 €


The famous oriental dish lagman is loved and appreciated in Uzbekistan and throughout Central Asia. For Lagman, the main thin ribbon noodles. Lagman, which translates from Dungan as 'stretched dough', came to Central Asia from China and over centuries of history has developed into a number of variants depending on the region. This dish combines two foods - soup and steak - in one. However, as the name implies, noodles are the main ingredient. As with most folk dishes, there is a legend about lagman that tells the story of its origins. According to this legend, three travellers once met on the road, united by an empty stomach. One of them had a pada, the other a piece of twisted meat and flour, and the third had vegetables and condiments. Putting them together, one of the tea drinkers made an aromatic dish known today as lagman. In some cultures, lagman is called "the food of love". Like pilaff, it is prepared for big celebrations, including weddings. Often, a newlywed will prepare a lagman on the second day after the wedding to show off her culinary skills.


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