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Uzbek Manty with lamb 5pcs

15.50 €


Manty is a delicious dish from Uzbek cuisine, made from a couple of soft thin pieces of dough with a juicy meat filling inside. Manty is a true "nomad": first it came from China to Central Asia, and from there it "migrated" to Russia and other European countries with its complex recipe and preparation. Most Uzbek cuisine has to be eaten with your hands and manty is one of them. By the way, it is quite difficult to eat them with cutlery, so after a few minutes you will realise that it is not only more comfortable to eat them with your hands, but also much tastier - the juicy filling does not fall out, but stays in the mantõ with the juice. Thanks to the steaming process, the manty is able to preserve the nutritional value of the vegetables and meat to the maximum - a feature that is unique to Uzbek cuisine.


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